What I started a Blog For 6/6




Well, I fucked up here, didn’t I? This is an example of how my mental condition affects me: I’m pretty much innumerate and I can’t gauge how long something will be, or will take. So I split this stupidly long blog post into 6 pieces, (or I thought I had) and uploaded them one at a time, then realised I only had enough text for 5. It was my plan to use this story for every daily post between the 2 Sexy Saturday posts, thus sticking to NaBloPoMo’s rules without having to scrape any new ideas together.


I actually sent this story to a magazine a few years ago. The editor HATED it. What I learned from writing it, as mentioned in the last post, was to blog short and often, not let all your ideas back up and then feel the need to purge and bitch and moan about EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE. Also, if you’re going to send writing to an editor, get it reviewed and take people’s advice. Then rewrite and make it decent. Then send it to an editor who would appreciate it, not some obscure fanzine that has nothing to do with what you’re writing.


Good places to go for advice on blogging:


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One of the reasons I started the Sexy Saturday posts is to create a regular flow of posts to the site, with the intention of interspersing these posts with something more text-based. When I started NaBloPoMo I achieved more than that, uploading daily aside from trips away.


The most interesting part of What I Started a Blog For, in retrospect, is the hypnotherapy scene. I was advised to try it, I did try it, I experienced something that a lot of people wouldn’t, and then I reported back on it. THAT is the beginning of good blogging. Granted, it’s sloppily written, but how many people have tried hypnotherapy? Not many. How many people would want to know if it actually works? A good number more, I expect. The internet has made research very cheap. As a blogger, you should be looking for information that ISN’T online yet. You should be answering questions that haven’t yet been asked. There may be posts about the practice of hypnotherapy generally, but for the specifics of my visit- overcoming a fear of women- there isn’t a great deal. There’s advertising from the people selling it, but no testimonial blog posts.


What I needed- which I eventually got- was psychology. You can get this via your GP if you’re prepared to initially outline the problems you’re facing, but whether you’ll get a decent psychologist is hit and miss. Some are brilliant, others are shite. Such is life.

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