Lap Dance Memories



It’s been three years since I started this obsession with Kate. I’ve blogged about her a few times.


I remember, a few weeks after I got a dance off her, I dropped back into Silks to see if she was still working there. I described her to a dancer. She didn’t seem to know her. I turned this dancer down.


I stood in this bar on my own, surrounded by groups of guys. My plan was: If she’s here, get a girl-on-girl £60 dance with her. If not, just walk the fuck out. She wasn’t around, so I kept sipping my pineapple and coconut juice planning to leaving ASAP.


That’s when these two girls approached me, a blonde and a brunette. They introduced themselves and asked me how I was doing, and laughed at things I said that weren’t funny.


So Pat,” said the blonde. “What is it you’re looking for tonight?”


I don’t really know,” I said, although what I wanted obviously wasn’t here.


How about a bit of naughty…” she put her arm around her colleague’s waist- “…girl-on-girl action?”


My resistance was obliterated. “How much?”


Just forty pounds.”


Fuck, I thought. Kate ripped me off.


And for that, you get-” she strokes her colleague’s stomach- “girl-on-girl… a bit of naughty lesbian action.”


She wasn’t Kate, but she was fit enough. They both were. The dance was good, full of breast-sucking, ass-slapping extravagance, but not as good as last time.


In the middle of the dance, the blonde said, “We’ll keep going for an extra twenty.”


Ah, I thought. I see what you’ve done there.


We’ll make it really dirty,” she said. Her friend never said a word.


I agreed, and for a second time she took her colleagues breasts on her mouth. She lay the girl across me and smacked her ass cheeks with both hands. I got a kiss on each cheek when it ended.


I settled the extra £20 and walked out. I had failed in my plan.


Months later, when I strayed back in again, the girls wouldn’t go that far. New rules enforced by government, apparently. Silks lost a customer.

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