#NaBloPoMo Comes to a Close




National Blog Posting Month, or #NaBloPoMo, was November. Granted, the “national” part probably relates to the USA, but there’s nothing stopping a plucky and slightly unstable Brit like myself from hijacking it. For the last few months I’ve built up ideas for blog posts to put on this site. As Patrick Bateman’s Blog has always played second fiddle to my eponymous blog, I never really gave myself the time to commit to it and actually write and upload the ideas as finished blog posts.


This last month, however, I decided that this blog was perfect for using as the easel to work on during #NaBloPoMo. I had a backlog of ideas, a Twitter to promote it with, a handful of readers, and a decent amount of time to get the posts written. So I started with this post. The process was incredibly cathartic.


My stats surged too. On the 3rd week I got 187% more hits than average, mostly for posts where I’d embedded the best porn I could find. That’s not really what I blog here for, but hey, a page view is a page view. These were put up a LONG time before #NaBloPoMo. Regular posting, though, does bring hits to your site. Why I got such a huge lump of hits at one point, I have no idea.


Also helping gain traffic is the habit of linking your posts to Twitter, and particularly to the #NaBloPoMo hashtag. This gives people an opportunity to find your blog, and these people will be the people actively participating in the challenge anyway. But there’s one problem…


Most blogs in the world are dull as fuck.


Aren’t they? I mean, be honest. Look at the trending topic page.Pick a random post. Do YOU find it interesting? At this time of year it’s full of Thanksgiving malarkey, which means nothing to a Brit like me. And even for Americans who celebrate it- do these posts actually affect you in any way? What about mine? I don’t think my blog is amazing- lots of pictures of girls, the odd story about my life or something I found out about- it’s hardly going to revolutionise blogging. I believe, though, that it’s more entertaining than the mediocre ramblings of Mr or Ms Randomblogger.


Essentially, though, and like most bloggers, I blog because I have something I want to say. I want to tell the world about what I find and what I feel, and I want to do it without you knowing who I am. And, unlike when I blog on my eponymous blog, I actually don’t care what you think. I’m flattered by the likes, the comments and the page views, but I write what I like here without worrying about some grand design.


My plan is to continue that way, saying what I want.



I missed only 2 days of #NaBloPoMo, and only because I was away visiting relatives. I had further ideas planned, and had started some posts but ran out of time. So at some point, I will throw them up here.


I do wish I’d been a bit more proactive, though- I was intending to go out and do something worth blogging about, relating ideally to women. I’ve already blogged here about dates I’ve been on, or speed dating events, or internet dating, but I honestly haven’t pulled all month. I’ve hardly been out much either, as everyone’s having babies and shit.


I write this blog because I’m unhappy. I want to become happy, though, so I write about attempts to be that way. But what the hell else do I do?

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