On the Pull With The Chemical Brothers





Internationally renowned dance LEGENDS The Chemical Brothers played at Warehouse Project on Friday. I went with a few mates and got introduced to LM, a girl with huge boobs. Pretty fit too. We hit off well and I pulled quickly.




When I meet a girl, and something happens, I normally do hit off quick. I also find, though, that I can be a bit too possessive too soon- if she pounces on me I’ll have my hands on her for the rest of the night, and not “leaning back” and giving her a bit of space. Friday, I did everything right. I gave her that space. I kept chilled. She kissed me before I’d said much to her. We danced. We talked. She drank. I didn’t. She told me about her bisexuality. We shared experiences of having to deal with men turning gay and them quickly becoming backstabbing man-bitches.




We went to an after party at a mutual friend’s house. It was freezing. We stayed on the couch after everyone had gone to bed and she tried to suck me off, but the room was so unmanageably cold that I couldn’t function. We agreed to try again later in the week.




So as it stands I’m still texting her, she’s still keen and so am I, and something WILL happen. Stay tuned.

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