I Had Sex on Friday Night


This is extremely rare for a sexually paranoid man like myself.

I met her at The Warehouse Project, as mentioned here,  and things moved quick. We both enjoyed it I think, although neither of us came. Or, at least, I didn’t think she did.


I struggle with this, though. I only climax on my own, something I really must address. She knows this.

Hope to see her again soon. Enjoying her company and chats. Want to keep it light, though. I’ve spent too much time striving for perfection and worrying about not getting a hard-on, and turning down girls who weren’t amazing. LM is quite a pretty girl, and I’m happy enough. She gives an impressively skilled blowjob, it must be said.

This brings my total number of women shagged to 5.

3 thoughts on “I Had Sex on Friday Night

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