What happens… if I stop buying food?



It’s Christmas. Tesco have restricted their opening hours (it’s normally 24 hours) and I’m out of milk. I’m fast running out of fresh veg and fruit, but I have the essentials: eggs, toilet roll and a huge array of dented, reduced cans. A lot of these cans are fruit and veg, which tells me that technically I have enough food to stop me from going hungry AND enough fruit and veg to keep me reasonably healthy for a good few weeks.


So I wondered: as December has been an expensive month, and as January will be too, and going to the shop isn’t as easy (the weather up here is horrific) why not stop buying food for the next few weeks? Why not wait to see what kind of bizarre meals I have to concoct by mixing remaining food stuffs together?


Performing this exercise will give me an opportunity to save money, to make space in my cupboard and to invent dishes. It’ll also give me something else to blog about. Will the removal of fresh produce bring on lethargy? Insomnia (again)? Nightmares?


Who knows. I’ll refer to the Stop Buying Food project on my Sunday night weekly post. Stay tuned to see how it goes!

2 thoughts on “What happens… if I stop buying food?

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