Sexy Saturday: Leigh




I talk to a crazy nymphomaniac girl on MSN Messenger (yes, she still uses MSN). She knows a few people I know, and has a tendency to bring up girls that we mutually have bumped into. I’ve never met anyone like her.


She’s married, a year older than me and types like a total retard, but she’s blonde and has big boobs (if the pictures she sends me are really her). She knows a girl I know called Leigh. This is Leigh.




Nympho Girl tells me that, as a bisexual, she’s really into Leigh. When you’re a porn addict, your urges take over at this point. She tells you what she wants you to do. She asks you to make her do things. To herself. To Leigh. She describes what she wants to do to her.


She’s been doing this for years- I first added her in about 2006. This is one of the reasons real sex is so difficult for me: arousal and this computer go hand-in-hand. It almost feels unusual, or too much, to be with a woman in the flesh. To overcome this, I must do 2 things- stop turning to the computer- and to Nympho Girl- for kicks, and get out and meet people for real.

2 thoughts on “Sexy Saturday: Leigh

  1. Your sentiments are good (stop turning to the computer and get out and meet real people). The fact you’re posting pictures like this at the same time as stating them is confusing, and unfortunately means I can’t follow your progress. It’s a shame, as I would otherwise have been offering my support, but the triggers here are just too difficult to deal with. Maybe you need to consider why and what you’re blogging a little more carefully.

    • Agreed. Time to make more changes. No more posts like these. I’m not going to be taken seriously as a blogger if I keep doing this. Time to focus more on the problems and their potential solutions.

      Thanks for reading.

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