I Won’t Starve to Death. Or Go Mental.




I am no longer eating dented cans of meat and peas! It’s a miracle!


Or not.


I just decided not to go to Tesco for a few weeks, to see what it was like. Well, I didn’t spend much money over the last couple of weeks, that’s for certain. I had actually last shopped on 20th December, and survived on fridge, then freezer, then cupboard contents. But, on 16th January, I caved in. I had basically rice, cereal, canned chopped tomatoes and olive oil in the flat.


I spent £62 filling my fridge and freezer again (okay, that included a bottle of whisky as well). I then went back a few days later and spent another £47 on other essentials- more milk (the product I missed the most) and more fresh meat and fruit and veg.


So basically I spent what I saved. Interesting, relying in inventiveness though. Bringing soup to work meant more interaction with colleagues at the microwave (I seem to be the only person who knows how to clean this device) and something warm to keep you going rather than endless sandwiches or risking the local dodgy takeaways.


Also: more space in my cupboards.


In other news: Blog For Mental Healthis a website and a year-long project for “mental health bloggers and non-mental health bloggers alike.” As I’ve had a few issues that tie into this in my own life, I plan on doing something on this blog to illustrate a few situations I’ve been in, in the hope it’ll help others and purge and cleanse me in the process. Stay tuned!

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