Did I just get ripped off by a couple of lap dancers?


Did I just get ripped off by a couple of lap dancers?

As it’s a bank holiday I REFUSE to stay in, and as ALL of my mates are broke, I had to go out on my own. But where can a man go on his todd and still engage with people? Where is there for him to talk and flirt and come home feeling like he’s gained an experience?

So, yeah, I got suited and booted and went for a lap dance. The only club in Manchester I hadn’t visited was Victoria’s, near the Printworks. I’d heard the girls were pretty ropey, but I figured if rumours were true I could just walk out. The £5 entry was cheaper than most places, suggesting low quality, but on entry the club was smart and the women mostly beautiful.

The first port of call was the toilet, which was the worst WC I have ever seen. No seat over the bowl, had to ask for bog roll from the attendant, unkempt generally- just shocking. So after my hoverdump, I washed my hands and the attendant wanted money just for handing me the soap! The smallest I had was a fiver so I gave him that.

Robbing twat No#1.

I got talking to a stunning brunette from Rome with big fake tits. I asked her about dances with 2 girls. She said- get this- a standard 2-girl dance is £60 but a “naughty dance” is £120! What the fuck?! That’s double what I’ve paid before! Now, as it happened, I drew out £200 before I entered the club but only expected to spend no more than £70. But, being a naïve (and horny) twat, I agreed. The girl was trying to get me into VIP for £200, where they’d go further still, but I put my foot down there.

I picked another girl and we went to the booth. They encouraged me to get comfortable and take off my jacket, but it was a suit jacket and I really didn’t need to, but I did anyway. The dance was good. They touched each others impressive tits, there was some ass-slapping and they smothered me in cleavage. They even let me hold their tits. They were encouraging me to spend more but I wouldn’t. I asked if they’d kiss but they said I should have gone VIP. I could pay on card, they said. No thanks. There was no boob-sucking, to my dismay.

When the dance ended I thanked the girls, put my jacket back on and walked out. On the way back to the car I checked my pockets. All my belongings were there but I didn’t have a single penny on me.

How did this happen? Did one rifle by jacket pockets whilst the other was smothering me? Possibly. If they were working as a pair, why didn’t they approach me in a pair? Have I just miscalculated? Did I only draw out £100? My online bank account won’t tell me yet.

Robbing twats No#2 and #3.

Are other clubs charging a hundred and fucking twenty for supposed girl-on-girl action?


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