Fuck. Ing. Hell.


Baa Bar girl came around last night. When I got home she told me it was rag week and we couldn’t do anything, which basically meant she was on blowjob duty. (She suffices well in this field.)

“I thought you had the injection?” I asked.

“I have, but occasionally you still get periods.”

“My ex said to me, ‘I bet you can’t go for a whole week without making a joke about my periods.’ I said, ‘You’re on.’”

“You told that one last week.”

Hence I was relived of cunnilingus responsibilities and I could just lie there and get sucked.

This morning she came back from the bathroom. “You’re gonna be happy,” she said. “I’m not on any more.”

She climbed on-top and started riding. Within minutes she was getting wetter. Something wasn’t right, though- she smelled different, metallic.

“Wait, stop.” She rolled off. “I thought I was off, but I’m not.”

I turned the light on.


I started to dry the blood off my cock, thinking about how many other guys she’s having casual sex with. I asked her and she admitted there had been one other.

She normally goes for black guys.

My region, the northwest, has the highest rate of chlamydia.

Still, you’re more likely to get dosed up off someone white, according to the stats So the fact that she’s fucked a lot of black guys doesn’t matter.

I know I should be bagging up, but I really can’t stand the feeling of condoms. I’ve tried using them and they annoy me. I partly blame the girl who took my virginity, who wouldn’t use them. But I’m responsible in part.

So. Neither of us have come yet in the 2 months I’ve been seeing her. This is the longest I’ve ever seen a girl. I feel something has changed, I just hope- hope- it’s for the better. Now, as reckless as this sounds, I just want my mates to come out with me again so I can meet more women.

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