Sex progress


Well, I’m still seeing Baa Bar Girl. This is the longest I have ever seen anyone- 10 weeks, now bursting past the previous 2-month record. Incredible. Her parents still don’t know I exist, neither of us have orgasmed and all we ever do is shag and eat.

So ups and downs.

Last week she asked me if I was seeing anyone else. I’m not and I told her. She said she had had sex with one other person. Well, it’s only sex between me and her anyway. We should be bagging up, but we’re not.

Last night she brought a little Ann Summers masseuse outfit and wore it for me in bed. Fantastic. She’s 18 but she’s mature and a good listener, which is helpful when you’re a headcase like me. She’s aware I’ve had a rough ride with females my whole life and that what’s happening between us is unusually good, but she’s the one in control- she’s seeing other people, she’s got more experience and she’s more confident with me than I am with her. But I’m getting braver.

All looks like it’s going pretty well in the bigger scheme of things, right?

Well, typically, as soon as things look good they immediately fall apart. She’s going on 2 holidays next week and doesn’t come back until early August. Alright for some. So no sex form me until either she comes back or I meet someone else. The only way I’ll meet anyone is through walking up to some fit randomer on the street- I won’t be going to any bars or clubs. Not because I don’t want to, but because nobody has any fucking money. Hence my upcoming birthday night out will have to be in Baa Bar, where I met Baa Bar Girl, as it’s the only place cheap and half decent.

Last year I wanted Spinningfields but it’s nice there, hence a little expensive. My mates were broke then and they’re broke now. I ended up in some dodgy karaoke bar. What a fucking pisstake. KO is broke even though she works full time in a target-driven job, lives with her parents and has no kids of her own. I smell bullshit. Also, she drinks a lot. She’s saying she hates “anywhere pretentious” even though she’s come to Venus and Avici White with me in the past. SA is my best mate ever and no matter how many times we don’t see eye-to-eye, we’ll always be friends. KO I can see myself falling out with, as much as I don’t want to. I just don’t like being bullshitted.

So: I’ll have my birthday night out, but after that I am once again going to have to figure out how to make more friends. GREAT.

Also, the mental health people got back to me and I’ve got a meeting tomorrow, so hopefully this woman that I’m seeing will be able to help me with issues of sex paranoia and porn addiction. Downside- WOMAN. It’s a women I have problems with, so will a woman really be able to help me? Lets find out…

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