Sexy Saturday: Michelle


10354133_1424803901073484_232963837228194557_n 10369907_1424803737740167_1756066362642840110_n 10383012_1424802574406950_6307258137471533588_n 10403132_1424801984407009_5954411114683987697_n 10403132_1424802771073597_7285305913200722516_n 10418227_1424801744407033_8668366571358058505_n 10464170_1424802994406908_8476547070276372134_n 10487398_1424803347740206_2180440534709575700_n 10489953_1424802311073643_468939558542400733_n 10526091_1424802224406985_8723763654399336510_n 10527663_1424803611073513_5032236285101098310_n

I must say, I’m jealous of those abs. If I wasn’t such a ridiculous chocaholic I… well, I still wouldn’t look like her, but I’d have better definition. I thought women were supposed to love chocolate?! I should find something less damaging to enjoy.

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