Baa Bar Girl appears to have binned me off.

Last time I mentioned her in September she wasn’t talking. She hasn’t talked since I last saw her in that month.

While we were in bed the last time, I remember her asking if I’d be upset if it ended. Well, yeah, I’d said, but I’d get over it.

Then I dropped her off. All that time, it seems, she was planning to end it. Then my phone broke. After I fixed it (okay, it was my Dad who fixed it) I had to go onto my mobile provider’s website to find her number. I texted her, but she never got back. See, this is why it’s important to keep emotions at bay- you just don’t know when a woman is going to turn to a block of ice for no apparent reason.

Well, at least I fucked her.

It didn’t occur to me while we were in bed that asking about it ending wasn’t a rhetorical question. She was genuinely thinking of ending it right there. But despite being a confident, sassy woman, she couldn’t bring herself to even text me to end it properly. I texted her a couple of times, but got nothing by way of a reply.

One reason she might have ended it: I admitted I hadn’t shagged anyone else. It was an open relationship, and she was seeing other people. I’d not been lucky. She wanted someone more confident than me.

Another- I tried to not get emotional about her, but I’m a naturally affectionate man and I think that may have confused her.

Yet another: she was banging on about some problem with her social circles- people falling out and seeing friends at different times, or something. I wasn’t that rivited.

“You’re forgetting one angle,” I suggested.

“What?” She asked deadpan.

Then I farted audibly.

“Get out,” she ordered, and stole the duvet off me. Despite me being over a decade older than her, she still wanted someone with more maturity.

She’d also mentioned she wanted anal and had in fact tried to manhandle me into her back door, but hadn’t managed. I’d not even thought of it. And don’t remember her trying for that.

She also lost a precious ring that belonged to a relative. I don’t know ANYTHING about it and I’ve cleaned my room a number of times- it’s not there. Her parents never knew about me- maybe she finally told them about me and the ring and they told her to stop seeing me.

So yeah, a number of problems I probably caused myself. But still, a woman as ballsy and cocky as her should have enough of a backbone to at least text saying “it’s over.” Disappearing like that is a dick move.

I just wanted to get that off my chest.

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