Overheard in the Office: Mushroom Syndrome


“Well, it’s Mushroom Syndrome, isn’t it? You’re kept in the dark, and fed shit.”

Strange a 40-odd-year-old woman in an office could come out with exactly the rhetoric as some doubtlessly-young contributor on The Urban Dictionary.

This was about a couple of years ago in a place that was filling me with Public Sector Revelation ideas. You’ll notice I don’t publish that kind of content any more: I’m thankfully not in the same position as I was, and people tell us a bit more now. We have better managers, thanks to public sector cuts. They even put time aside for team meetings. Incredible.

Other benefits to a more peaceful environment- you get given work you’re capable of, you get on with people more, you don’t see as much hypocrisy and you can focus outside of work on your other goals. Which is what I’m doing.

One thought on “Overheard in the Office: Mushroom Syndrome

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