Remember This Loaded Sex Confessions DVD?

Back in 2006, before you downloaded the Flash plugin and found Youporn- before Pornhub and Xvideos took over your pitiful life, you’d scour the lads mags for smutty DVDs. During this period a free DVD was sales gold for magazine publishers, so they’d frequently have them stuck on the front. For a year or so, I was buying loads of Loadeds, FHMs and Maxims purely for the free DVD to see how much good smut was on them.

Most of them were tepid, and had about 8 seconds of wankable material out of 90 minutes of the DVD’s running time. I ended up ditching them all when I moved out. I had broadband by then anyway.

I could have sworn I’d kept one, though: Loaded’s Sex Confessions.


This was gold. An hour and a half of soft-core but well-presented filth. Loads of fine ladies, all British except for one eastern European if I remember rightly, tons of girl-on girl action, shower scenes (needed with a pass code), spin the bottle, pool fun, and dirty stories. I produced buckets of jizz over it. I only got tired of it when I started using the internet instead.

Most internet porn is American, though, and the few British pornos you can see on the net involve women that don’t exactly look great. I miss Loaded’s Sex Confessions DVD. Maybe I’m looking back through rose-tinted glasses, but I remember it as being one of the best pornos I’d ever seen.

I’ve had a look online for it, but all I’ve found are these stills. There are a couple of people listing it on Ebay for under a fiver.

Have you got it? Can you upload it to Youporn or the like? I think a number of people would be curious. I would.

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