Should I Boycott Halal?


A few months ago there was some uproar about the halal meat that we’ve all been eating since we first started getting pissed and getting a kebab before flagging a taxi on a Saturday night.

When people started to pay attention to the Halal sign (above) that we stare at bemusedly through our beer goggles at 3am, we all turned into passionate-yet-still-omnivorous animal rights activists. “I don’t want to eat meat that wasn’t stunned!” etc. etc. I know I became vocal about the issue.

Well, it turns out we were all fundamentally wrong- Halal meat IS stunned. At least, 80% of the time it is. It’s also blessed with a Muslim prayer as it is turned from living animal to meat, as the BBC explains. It’s Jewish law that strictly forbids stunning. So if you want to get mad about the lack of stunning, there’s your target- not Muslims on this one. You may still eat your chicken pollo special at Abdul’s. Relax.

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