Mates are hard work.

Well, I tried uploading a #sexysaturday post yesterday, but WordPress’ photo uploader was fucking me about for some reason. I understand if that has ruined your week. Honest. It’s certainly further fucked up my NaBloPoMo. (more info on this here)

Well, what can I tell you? For those unacquainted, Sunday is when I upload a roundup of my week. This week I went to a meetup event at a club in Manchester. I heard about it online but I was the only fucking person who turned up. Fridays are utterly dead in Manchester, or they are in decent places at least. The only busy places are chav dives for drunkards and hooligans- or dullards. And I am none of them. Said club was very smart, but there were a total of maybe 5 customers in the bar- 2 cougars and 2 brummie Pakistani businessmen. I talked to them all.

I still need to settle a dispute between a group of friends. MW has been running his dumbass mouth for years, and I don’t tolerate that any more. So I need to make it clear to the rest that any further nights out are either with my presence or his. They can’t have both. I’ve paid a deposit for my mate’s stag do already, and I don’t even know if MW is on it yet. I’m hesitating, which is possibly the trait I hate most about myself (and there are a few.)

Maybe I’ll do it right now…

Whenever I ask them if they’re planning any nights out the answer is always no. Yet on the few occasions that I do meet up with them I get drunk and end up doing stupid shit and nothing gets sorted.

My question is: is it worth it? Should I ditch them?

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