Here’s Why You SHOULD Reward Failure


Everyone experiences failure at some point. Maybe you’re trying to start-up a business. Maybe you’re a budding artist or writer and you’re getting a lot of knock-backs. Perhaps you’re a competing sportsman.

I myself am a porn addict. I need to quit my addiction. Maybe you are and you do too. So why reward yourself when you fuck this up?

After watching porn you’re racked with post-wank self-disgust. You failed again. You gave in. You feel terrible, and you feel like you want to punish yourself. But you mustn’t. Addiction is bad enough as it is- hating yourself is only going to make it worse. Through watching porn, endorphins- pleasure chemicals- are released into the brain. These endorphins have worn off by the time you’ve flushed the tissue, though, and the self-loathing begins. So you need to replace those endorphins. In fact, you need them more after masturbating than any other time of day. This is information passed on to me from an NHS psychotherapist.

In short, it doesn’t matter how bad you feel about the addiction, you mustn’t punish yourself. You’ve got to reward yourself even in failure, as your brain is craving healthier endorphins after your vice- porn, alcohol, drugs- whatever. So don’t feel like you don’t deserve it- reward yourself and help yourself kick. Without pleasing your brain, you’re only going to get more depressed and use your vice more and more.

Try reading in bed. At least there- at the end of the chapter, say- you can have a comfortable wank without porn. Take up a sport, join a club, get a hobby- enjoy yourself and get your endorphins from good sources. In short, reward yourself as often as possible, regardless of how well or bad you’ve done with your addictions or other problems. You DO deserve it.

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