Well, the cross is off, and- wait, what is this?

After discussing my crucifix chain and how it could be a reverse-cockblock (see earlier post here) I decided it was time to take off the chain. I’ve possibly not taken it off since I did some grappling back in 2011.

I put it in a bank bag and planned to keep it secure. I unlocked my cash box and- what the fuck? When did I put this in?

I leafed through the notes. There’s a hundred and fifty quid here. When did I draw this out? And why? There was Newcastle– did I draw out money then? I definitely spent a bit. Maybe I totally ran out, drew out another huge amount then didn’t spend any of it. Any large sums I may need to have paid to others I would have done electronically. I’m the only person who lives here and I have the only key.

Well- I’m sure not complaining! And for tonight- well, I’m having pre-night-out drinks with RD and the rest of the gang, and I won’t have to go to a cash machine.

This could be a good night.

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