Don’t Judge Black Friday Shoppers

I was going to go to Manchester at midnight last night to grab a few bargains. I didn’t, though, as I had an appointment this morning and my sleep would be up the wall, and I don’t sleep well at the best of times. Facebook is thriving with comments about the American trend, which has made its way across the pond and has divided opinion in recent years.

The videos speak for themselves: greedy drones fighting over flat screen TVs. It’s quite pitiful really.

I can’t help thinking, though, I wouldn’t have minded going and watching the shoppers pile in and fight like animals. I’d be the one filming it all on the phone, ready to rake in the hits on Dailymotion. Then, once the first crowds had subsided and the queues at the tills had died down, I’d see what was left and perhaps catch a few last bargains. I’d also go home and buy online. I could actually do with a TV as mine is an antique CRT box from the turn of the century. I could do with something big to watch classic movies and BBC News 24 on (basically all I watch).

Also: if you want something, sometimes you have to compete for it- whether it’s a promotion in work, a sports medal or limited goods in a store. It’s life. We compete, like many other animals, for what we hope will improve our lives. I’m not going to go all Tyler Durden on you, but stuff we buy may or may not actually benefit us. According to my psychotherapist, though, depriving yourself of pleasure is what causes depression. So you might as well chase that bargain if you want it. Fuck what others think- you’re not buying it for their approval, are you?

On the flip side, internet shopping came to the UK long before Black Friday ever did, and the quick-fire deals are available on the online shopping sites too. So rather than fighting with some Longsight hoodlum slamming her fist into your head in the isle of ASDA, why not sit in your PJs sipping a hot chocolate- I like I was planning to before I realised I hadn’t washed any teaspoons, so did the washing up in the middle of this blog post, then had to reheat t the milk and am now getting back into this blog post after a 5-minute break- er, where was I- oh yeah, and surf the likes of Amazon and Play et al. I was really hoping I could get the Evil Dead Trilogy, but no show.

Like all things in life, if you want it you’ve got to go and fight for it. Sometimes literally. But it doesn’t have to be…

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