The Last Day of NaBloPoMo


Well, this is it- the last day of National Blog Posting Month, or #NaBloPoMo.
The principle of it is to upload a post every day for the month of October. I did pretty well, uploading every day bar one. I missed the 8th due to #sexysaturday pics not uploading and running out of time. WordPress’ photo uploader was being a grade-A dick with me. I think the trick was to post the pictures as an album as opposed to slamming them all full-size into the publisher. If I’d have known, I’d have 30/30. It’s normally fine to upload them without being in an album, though. Any idea why?

I started the month with a list of ideas, and those ideas looked like they’d just about see me through the month. They certainly provided a few posts, but I’ve always been of the belief that a good blog requires a blogger who’s prepared to go out and find stories, get involved in events, and share that info with the world. I managed to do a little of this, although I don’t have a great knowledge of journalism and the like.

The trick, I find, is to stockpile your ideas through the year and then stockpile your drafts of posts at the start of the month. Spend a day writing out a few and keep them ready to upload. Stay ahead of your game. For instance, I have 9 ideas left for Patrick Bateman’s Blog. They’ll appear over the weeks.

Away from the computer, the month has certainly had its ups and downs: I’ve pulled, I’ve had an unsuccessful attempt at sex, I’ve been on a few nights out, and I’ve had a good time. What I haven’t blogged about here is meeting a celebrity, going to a bonfire where someone set off a signal flare, smashing the gym, removing mildew from an old suit and further kick-offs with the NHS. Gotta be careful what you mention. I’ve been busy, and #NaBloPoMo made it more so. But that’s just how I like it.

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