She’s with HIM?!

Loona Luxx-ADB-023876

She kinda looked like Loona Luxx.

My mate was DJing at a party last night and I went to check it out. There was one stunning girl there with long dark hair, large natural boobs and incredible eyes. She dressed well. She had class. She could dance. She loved house music. She would have been perfect. There was one problem, though- the same problem as always.

She had a boyfriend. Hmm. This happens a lot. Sometimes when you meet a fit girl and she’s spoken for, her fella looks the part. They look as glamorous- or not- as each other. I’ve lost count of the times, however, when I’ve seen a stunning woman with a complete nobody of a guy. Just a random scrawny Joe in a jumper and jeans- and typically, she’s besotted with him.

I’m well aware that “it isn’t all about looks” and all that bullshit- people give me pep-talks (or try to) about this shit all the time. And a lot of the time, these blokes aren’t even that rich either. They probably just love themselves, so women they meet love them too. There wasn’t really anyone else I liked- I spotted a girl I pulled at the start of 2011 who was a total dick with me, so I’d ended up blocking her on Facebook. She sucked my face off and molested me the night we met, then turned to a block of ice on Facebook (where I saw she was chatting up about 3 other guys over her wall). We’ve ignored each other since.

But seriously, why do I doubt myself? I was better looking than the haggard old bastard with the stunner. I’ve pulled a handful of model-type girls. Why do I think they won’t like me?

I have got a few mental issues / learning difficulty type things, but, shit, we’ve all got something wrong with us. If a girl was to rule me out because of that, she’d have to be pretty shallow. And some obviously aren’t if they’re going out with guys who could double for Gollum. So why don’t I just see what I want and go for it? Why do I fear rejection to the point that I rarely approach girls in the first place?

I must do something about this. But what?

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