Strange but Classy Night on Deansgate


Interesting. Went out for RD’s birthday last night. After we pulled and didn’t have sex, (or did we?) we just went back to being friends. Who would be the first to pull someone else in each other’s presence? This question has hung over me since then.

Well, I don’t remember seeing her pull in recent weeks. I’ve met loads of girls through her, though. Last night we went out to The Milton Club and I did pull, a girl called MF, one of our group. She was pretty hammered, but pretty fit too. All of RD’s mates are decent enough.

Milton got busy by 11pm, a stark contrast to the average Friday. While I kissed MF a fight broke out behind her. In the commotion she was shoved from behind and inadvertently head-butted me, nearly busting my lip. We were fine, though.

MF seemed to go cold on me for some reason, and was hanging around with some guy. I asked her: He’s a mate. She got a taxi home on her own at the end.

Fuck me, though, the club was full of stunners, including some blondes who couldn’t stop groping each other’s breasts and a girl who a few of my friends know. I had to tell the lads of the group this story…

After I’d been to Entourage for a one-off house music night, I went back to my mate’s house with a group of her mates. One of them lived a town on from where we were- the next stop on the M60. They wanted a lift to pick up more booze. I was driving, but I really wanted my bed. The sun was fully up at this point. I was trying to wheedle my way out of it.

“Aw, come on Pat. AJB’ll stick her tits in your face.”

AJB, for the record, has ridiculously large breasts. And she’s a good looking older woman. So I was conflicted.

“I wanna hear you say that,” I said.

“I will,” she said. “I’ll stick my tits in your face.”

“I was going home about half an hour ago….”

I wasn’t bitching out- I wanted to make sure she’d make it worth my while. Then she started shaking them, in all their natural possibly G-sized glory. Everyone noticed that I had a raging hard-on at this point, twitching in her direction.

“Fuck it,” I said. “Let’s get this over with.”

So I drove to this guy’s house, he spent possibly as long searching for the goods as we did driving over there, then we drove back. And after a quick piss (gotta be comfortable) AJB sat me on the sofa-chair in the corner of the room and smothered me with her warm, soft, huge boobs. It was great.

I made a ham-fisted attempt to chat her up afterwards: she’s got a boyfriend, not engaged. I suppose I didn’t do to bad, considering.

So, yeah, I spotted AJB in Milton. Didn’t speak to her seeing as she ignores me on social media.

Also ignoring me is MF. We’re both holding off adding each other on Facebook, and it’s obvious as we’re getting tagged and have mutual friends.

So now what? It’s Mad Friday next week, the final Friday before Christmas. I’ll see if I can get people out for that. I’m BACK. D’ya get me?

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