In the New Year, I Will Immerse Myself.

milton birds

My psychotherapist said I must treat myself. Not “treat” in a medical way- “treat” as in please, or enjoy. These are doctor’s orders, advice for overcoming depression exacerbated by heavy porn use.

So. How do I do this? I should do what I want to do. What do I want to do? I want to get out of the house. I need to meet friends, meet women, and go to nice bars. I don’t want to take up a new hobby. I don’t want to meet other bloggers- in Manchester they are usually professional dullards all desperate to prove how intelligent they supposedly are. I don’t want to learn to dance, or learn to make something.

I’ve met a group of people who go to nice bars, so I’ll stay in touch with them in the new year. If they can’t make it out, I’ll lone-wolf it to The Milton Club on the regular, and get to know a few people there. I’ve tried, and it’s not so hard. People are friendly. They’re vetted before they join. Maybe I’ll spend 2 hours a night Friday and Saturday until I become a familiar face.

I’ve got a boxing class I attend- I try and get to know people there but we’re there to graft, not talk. Also, trying to get people from this neck of the woods to go anywhere decent is like trying to teach a badger to play the harmonica- a regretful waste of time; not compatible.

I need to talk to real women, in person, as often as possible. Milton is how I will do this. Not exclusively, but on the whole. I’m not going to let myself off and think, ah, maybe I’ll just stay in and do jobs around the house, or whatever. I won’t feel guilty about it. I NEED to do it, for mental health reasons. I may try a few other social groups- people who join an online group then meet up in person to do stuff. But staying in is not an option.

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