New Year is hard work.


A lot of my mates are settling down, as I’ve mentioned a few times. No more parties. Couples everywhere. Cue me scratching around for people to do things with and places to go with them.

I joined a social group a few months ago and I’ve met a few people through that group, but many of the group dispersed across the country / Europe to see relatives. I managed to scrape a few of them together on the 31st and I joined a couple to watch the fireworks. After we went to Bluu in the Northern Quarter for a few drinks. The guy was talking to me about his home country and I listened hard over the music, but something wasn’t right.

I could smell shit. I’d been stood on the grass at Piccadilly Gardens. Did I tread in something? Can he tell? I went to the gents to check out the mess, thinking I had an awful job ahead of me.

But my shoes were clean. What the fuck?

I walked back and carried on talking to the guy and the smell returned. It was his actual breath. Jesus Christ.

Anyway. Pretty decent new year after all. Wouldn’t have happened at al if I hadn’t stepped forward and joined social groups, met people, pushed to arrange things and made things happen. Don’t wait for others to make decisions!

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