In March 2013 I moved my blog across from the now defunct Posterous to WordPress. My total page views for 2013 was 2278. For 2014, 4034. Superb. It’s still pathetically low, due to not having focus and having too many pictures of random girls contradicting my efforts to overcome porn addiction, but it’s an improvement.

I’d blog about more things, particularly medical issues, but my situation is quite unique so it wouldn’t take long before someone figured out who I was. So for now, I’ll tell you this much: I’m a dude who was briefly under mental health, has issues with depression, is battling it, and is getting somewhere. I’ve just booked a GP appointment for next week where I’ll be discussing the possibility of getting advocacy- someone to turn to for life advice. How do I sue people? Why do I still not understand women? Why won’t people pay attention to my psych assessment? Should I move house? Am I eligble for any kind of support that I haven’t had? Why do I, a thirty-something-year-old man, still have to rely on my parents for advice?

Ad nauseum.

Also, a side issue: Meowchat is superb. It’s like Tinder, which I found wouldn’t open after a few weeks, only there seem to be more people on there and they’re much better looking. I may have a date lined up. Tonight a girl from there has introduced me to Snapchat, and wants to meet me. Is this a hoax? Abduction attempt? Blackmail? Or just a nice girl who likes me? Let’s find out…

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