Went to Static nightclub in Manchester last night to hear good house music.

static poster

I did exactly that although it was snowing like a motherfucker. We started in some obscure pub in Tameside, where I knew only SW and KOC, my female friends. The snow started to fall thicker wile we were there, and it was hard work encouraging them to leave and come to the car. Once this overwhelming task was complete we needed to swing by BD to pick her up too (I have a lot of female friends, if you were wondering). BD lives in a town on a hill, and the snow was horrendous there. Typically, Tameside Council hadn’t gritted a single road- not even the main ones- so getting from A to B was hard enough- but BD’s house was in a steep ungritted area with a fair few nice cars parked up. How my battered 2003 ladies’ compact car managed to get up the hills I don’t know. My expert driving and brass balls were a factor. SW and KOC both said they’d never have been able to do what I did.

Anyway. After all that frustration, we got to Manchester and parked up near Static. At midnight the club was still pretty empty. A trickle of people came in afterwards, mostly women and frequently good-looking.

KOC, BD and SW bought drinks and we picked a table. The moment we got settled, they went out for a smoke. I needed to watch their drinks. Then they came back in and went to the toilet. For about half a fucking hour. I was still babysitting three wines.

I’d swear I spend most of my nights out stood on my own like a twat waiting for other people to get a fucking move on and finish gabbing or poisoning their bodies with cigarettes, or presumably having huge elongated dumps in the toilet. I sometimes go out on my own, and there honestly isn’t that much difference to when I go out with them. But when they came back in I didn’t bite my tongue.

I was polite with SW but I made my point.

It’s hard enough trying to approach people in general, but when I can’t leave a table in case someone spikes my mate’s drink it’s harder still. I need to at least try to talk to women when I go out, but if shyness is one problem, I need to be able to combat that. I can’t if I’m tied to my own table. I may have done it had I not been stuck there.

Anyway. Good music. Good club. A few chav types knocking around but hey, you get that everywhere. There were no kickoffs and the atmos was largely positive.

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