Not the best of weeks


No-one would come with me to see Tim Westwood at Suede on Friday. Been listening to his rap shows on Radio 1 since I was 13. Westwood himself is a clown, but the music he plays is still brilliant and the guests he has on are the cream of the rap world, both in terms of prevalence and skill. (The two are frequently unconnected, but that’s another issue.) I perhaps should have lone-wolfed it to see what he’s like. I was going to do this maybe a year ago, but both years I could typically convince no-one.

On Saturday I went to Plush at Venus which was full of stunning but unattainable women. Lots of couples, despite it being Valentine’s day. I was hoping all the couples would stay in and all the single people would be out looking. Not so. Venus is the hardest fucking place to pull. I can’t do it there. Even the mates I was out with were a married couple.

Jesus. I’ve been talking to this girl from Meowchat for over a month now and she STILL hasn’t met me. We’re still talking regularly but we’re only messaging, not phoning. MUST phone her. Need to find a time when we’ve both got privacy and time. Really got to know her, about as well as you can, and she’s a good looking lass. (Bucking the trend, but no, you can’t have a picture.)

Hopefully by next week we’ll have met. Hopefully.

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