I’m quite embarrassed about my Twitter use.

Look at this tweet.

I did this a lot. Who the fuck did I think I was, mithering random women on Twitter, saying dirty things to them? It’s just not appropriate at all.

I’ve toned down on this, thankfully. I blog now to explain myself, not to be a pestering dirtbag. I’ve unfollowed tons of accounts on Twitter: porn stars, random fit girls, etc. I blog now to document my progression through depression and into confidence- into the life I deserve to live, a happy one.

All the tweeting-with-my-dick that I did from the moment I set up my Twitter account was in vain. It was getting me further away from my goals. I’m now a lot more confident, thanks to NHS help, but I’m still locked into porn addiction and still not quite brave enough to talk comfortably to women. I’m getting there. I’m depressingly old for this level of shyness.

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