I went for a drink with a schizophrenic on Friday.


Not so much a date than a mandate. Just a dude I met at a meetup group. J’s a pretty cool guy really. We’ve both dealt with NHS practitioners not knowing their arse from their elbow, we’re both receiving certain benefits (him more than me) and we’re both well-intentioned, sensitive souls. Believe it or not. He didn’t know much about Manchester nightlife so he let me organise the whole thing. Hence I ticked a few bars off my to-visit list. We started in greenhouse-themed Botanist on Deansgate. £6.10 for the Single Barrell JD and Coke, a special edition of the Jack Daniels brand. Much smoother and nicer. Live band played. No complaints. Nice toilets, with a faded wallpaper design printed straight onto the brick. A few fine ladies. Mostly businessmen.

Next: Elixir, a little further down the road. Home to possibly the highest DJ booth in the city- I thought the Animaniacs might have a second home there- the bar is classy and fragrant. Management is obviously fond of pot-pourri. The drinks are a little cheaper than Botanist, and can be creatively bought in bulk if you’re in a group. “Shot trees” are wire frames with loops to hold shot glasses. Just pick them off the tree and neck them. I saw a group of good looking girls take this option. J and I just went for whiskies.

On to Australasia, where I was necking High West whisky. Interesting American tipple. The barman let me take a closer look aat the bottle, which- on the back- discussed the “Annual meeting of the mountain men.” I then got talking to some babbling cokehead woman from the BBC, who had a gay male friend who looked like DJ Marc Kinchen (MK).  Classy joint.

On we went, to a private members bar that I joined, which cost a fortune for J and was empty when we got in. Was a bit embarrassed by that. Then I realised I’d missed my last tram by about an hour, so spent a FORTUNE getting home (although not as much as previous taxis had cost).

Very random night out. I cannot time-keep at the best of times, especially not drunk. Good night overall! If only I’d have gone a bit earlier!

2 thoughts on “I went for a drink with a schizophrenic on Friday.

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