Bumped into MH, made up, pulled someone else


Went out with a social group last night to Spinningfields,  the posh end of Manchester.
So: Arrived late and they’d already moved on from Oast House to Artisan where I bumped into MH, the permanently drunk blonde I had a run-in with a few weeks back. We agreed that we were still friends, although I didn’t bring up the issue of her psycho mate (who, thankfully, wasn’t out with her). The bar itself was absolutely chock full of fine women, including herself and a number of stilt-walkers. I’ve never seen so much botox and silicone in one room. Great house music too.

When we got out of the club the group splintered- they must have thought “this isn’t for me”, or likewise. One of the girls could barely speak English. Most of the people in the group were migrants. After a while three of us were left standing in the street. We decided on Venus, a house music club in which I’ve had tooo many bad experiences. Reluctantly, I went in.

Ended up pulling a hot older woman. Good boobs. We’ll call her S. I drove her home to the complete other side of the city. Didn’t go in though. I’ve just texted her but asking if she’s woken up yet (my hideous attempt at banter- it’s 7pm) but I’ve not heard back. Maybe she hasn’t.

A separate issue: a couple of girl mates may be going cold on me. RD and DC don’t seem to be talking much to me, and when they do go out they’re going to Rev De Cuba, Mojo or some other shithole, so I wouldn’t be there anyway. I asked them what they were doing and they said one of “their friends”- FS- was coming to Manchester so they couldn’t come out. They forgot that I’d met FS a number of times and that she was a mutual Facebook friend.

Well, whatever. The ball’s in their court, so if they wanna do anything (that I don’t perceive to be a bad idea) they can let me know. But there’s no point me mithering them about nights out. Hence, I’ll be joining more groups on Meetup.com, attending more meetings and continually meeting more people. This is my life.

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