Went to TM’s wedding reception last night.

Apparently I was the star of the stag do. I realise this sounds like bullshit, but it took me by surprise myself. The best man, PB, who has the world’s biggest chip on his shoulder, told everyone in his speech that I “rocked it”, although he didn’t detail why. Possibly it was the large-breasted brunette I pulled, and then didn’t shag. I dunno. I seemed to get on with most people on the stag do. To be fair, PB was a bit of a dick on the holiday, saying that no amount of martial arts- which I’ve dabbled in my whole adult life- means shit in a real fight.

What he forgets is that he is a middle-class toff driving a BMW, and the fights he gets into are shoving matches between friends. Like he did with OB’s fiance’s brother.

At the reception, though, PB was cool. No problems with him or anyone really. MW jokingly suggested I’d better not have written anything on my eponymous blog about him. I had written up the holiday, but I’d blocked him on Facebook and I’m keeping it that way, so he’d not seen anything of my social media since last June. I gave him my card so he could check it out. And, no, I didn’t mention him or anyone else. We didn’t have any arguments as such, but he’s still an arsehole. Got on better with his girlfriend than I did with him.

I’ve unsubscribed from about 60 people, who all make up that group of friends. The ball is still in their court, and we still don’t see eye to eye on certain things, but there were no harsh words between me or anyone. A surprisingly peaceful affair, considering the aforementioned, and the fact that I got hammered on the coach on the way down.

As previously mentioned, the ball is in their court for future nights out (which will basically be stag dos, weddings, headwettings and christenings). Who knows what might be the next night out. If there is one.

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