More People Notice SM’s Closet Homosexuality

northern quarter

I mentioned here my mate SM being a closet gay and nobody in the group other than me noticing. SM runs a social group in which he regularly gets utterly hammered, makes a twat out of himself and becomes overtly camp. Our mutual friends are oblivious to this.

This weekend I went to a different group where the leader, LOH, mentioned he’d been to one of SM’s meetups. SM was utterly hammered, as he always has been at every meetup he’d ran. It was obvious to LOH that SM was camp as fuck.

You know that TV movie, Steven King’s IT? You know that scene where the toilet keeps coughing up blood, and the girl has to keep washing the blood away? But when the kids come around together they can all see it and she realises she isn’t crazy, and the kids all wash the blood away together, and it doesn’t come back? Meeting people who can see how gay SM is felt like that scene.

SM was actually texting me that night saying he was around in the Northern Quarter, and I should get in touch when I’d done with the meetup group. I really wanted to move on from the shithole pub we were in, but I was the only person dressed particularly smart so our options were slim. The final bar we were in was so rough I had to excuse myself and go. But I didn’t get back to SM in the end. I got a bad feeling and, once again, actually trusted my instincts. I wasn’t dressed right for the members bar so I just went home.

I may have to avoid SM from now on, which won’t be hard seeing as he hangs around with RD and DC, who both appear to be avoiding me. Fuck ’em.

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