More Love Triangles Than a Sexual Pythagoras


I went out with a social group last Saturday to Lola Lo in Deansgate Locks, where a scenario unfolded. It’s a scenario I’ve seen unfold time and time again, to the frustration of my friends, but mostly to me.

Organiser SF was trying it on with someone who may or may not have been the manager. He was dressed like he was, and I didn’t see him drinking. He wasn’t interested though, and very soon he was encouraging me to try it on. I wasn’t interested either, though. SF asked me what he was saying to me- I told her, and told her I’d told him we were just friends. She agreed that was the situation.

Last time I went to Lola’s I met Baa Bar Girl, who I ended up seeing for a few months. This time, there were plenty of fine ladies but none of the group got anything. Women were cold, the toilets were abysmal (even with an attendant) and the music included someone singing about being “in love with the coco”. (What the fuck has RnB become? Shit, I feel sorry for 18-year-olds thinking this is music.) Also, there was no safe place to snort poppers- too many doormen.

When the bar closed SF said she was having drinks at hers, a flat around the corner from the Locks. We walked back to hers and when we got in her flat was empty. I wanted a soft drink but she was all like, “leave your car til the morning.” Then I realised what I’d got myself into.

I’d given her the wrong impression. But wait, didn’t she agree that we were friends just an hour ago? What the fuck…

I made an excuse, finished my drink and left. What a fuckup of a night.

Normally the love triangle is that the girl I want doesn’t want me and the girl who wants me I don’t want. This time it looked like the girl who liked some other guy wasn’t getting anywhere with him, so she came for me, but I wasn’t interested either. Meanwhile, the girls I was interested in didn’t want me. And the girls I was checking out were sluts! They were chasing steroid-abusers and molesting each other on the dancefloor.

Fuck it. At least I tried. I stepped forward and talked to a few but they weren’t having it. I’m not going to let it bother me. There are so many social groups putting nights on that I’m never going to be short of a night out.

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