On a downer in Tiger Tiger


This week I went out with VG to a restaurant. We know each other through a few social groups online. Great food. We like each other, and at a recent meetup I thought maybe something was happening, like I felt something for her. So I invited her out and we got something to eat.

I think the feeling had subsided though, due to a number of things. One is I’m a fickle cunt who changes his mind a lot. Two is she’s Indian. Now, there are a lot of hot Indian girls out there, and I thought maybe I felt that way… but in the restaurant, I thought, maybe not. I come from a heavily segregated town where whites and Asians don’t get on. I’ll hold my hand out to anyone, but when it comes to dating I’m a little unsure. I dunno. Already friends. May stay that way.

Great food though.

Saturday: Tiger Tiger for SW’s B/D. She’s my best female friend and has been through a rough few weeks, losing a close relative. She’s not got much money at the moment so she was saying she couldn’t go to a few places, including the members bar I joined. I assumed that Tiger Tiger must have got cheaper since I last went (for her fiancée’s stag do, coincidentally) so I agreed to go. It was as dear as I expected, though, so who knows what she was thinking. She was surprised. Warm on the top floor.

I was the only guy in the group. The girls went to the ladies room, as they all do every time I go out with them, and took AGES to come out. I texted SW eventually, telling her the bar had closed and it was 3am, where was she? (It was a little after midnight, and she called me a sarcastic twat.)

It had completely slipped my mind about her relative, and she told me later that the girls were helping console her in the toilets as she’d been in floods of tears. Well, how much of a cunt did I feel?! She knows I’m a scatterbrained twat and I don’t mean to be harsh, but, fuck. A bad day.

Some knobhead approached me asking which one of the girls was my girlfriend. When I told him I didn’t have one, he started cajoling me into groups of girls, randomly telling one of them I “was a virgin”. Now, I lost my virginity pretty late, and I dealt with all sorts of shit about this in my younger day. It brought back angry memories. So I told him he should have his own night and do one. I so nearly knocked him clean out.

The girl he was with was ridiculously hot- late 30s, shoulder length blonde hair. I asked if he was her fella. She hesitantly replied that he was. I’m pretty sure he hired her as a prostitute.

If I go back to Tiger Tiger it’ll be on a Monday after September, when the students are back. I’m not fucking around there on a weekend.

We then went to Vina Karaoke on Portland St, which was a terrible error of judgement as it’s full of utter cunts who can’t sing and the queue to get a slot on the mic takes hours. I put a song in but we left before my song was called out, as did a few people before me. Also, there was some guy from my home town who’s a bit of a twat, who I met through an even bigger twat. Despite it being a small crowded bar, I still managed to avoid him. I won’t be back.

Having said that, the bar scans your ID on entry, so if any of the said cunts decides to kick off they aren’t going to get away with it.

Chicken burgers on the way home made it all better.

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