I got a shag through my social groups.


Tried running a social meetup group on Saturday night to a swanky establishment. Unfortunately I got utterly hammered during the day at other meetups, so the last-minute sobering up I tried wasn’t as effective as I’d hoped.

The positive was that I’d met a woman at the first meetup, a few years older than me, who we will call M. I stayed with her to get food and more drinks, overrunning onto a second event that I missed entirely.

A guy I’d met at the meetups- we’ll call him AL- previously had contacted me and we’d arranged to meet at the middle meetup. Due to alcohol and a ravenous appetite, I ended up miscalculating and getting food. I tried to get him to meet me again, explaining exactly where I was, but he didn’t seem keen to change plans. So instead of making the short walk across town he through a hissy fit and went home, sending me a few bitchy texts.

I like to be reliable, and I’m more than aware that alcohol can fuck all of that up. But all it would have taken was a bit of reorganising- going with the flow- “floating”, as Arnold Schwarzenegger would put it- to change and adapt to the situation- and he could have come to the last meetup later on. It’s not that hard. But then, if he’s going to be an arsehole I’d rather he wasn’t on the meetup later on. M Knew AL from previous meetups- he’s a weirdo according to her.

One of the downsides to events for people to meet each other- one of the drawbacks to social groups designed to wider your social circle- is that a lot of the people who go to them are weird as fuck. Most normal people have their family, their partner, their friendship circles in place. You then have people who’ve moved into the city and need to set up social connections, which is fair enough. Then you have people like me who’ve been shit on by their mates and are fed up of being fucked about, so need new people. And finally you have the weirdos who don’t get on with people, and use Meetup as a crutch to keep something resembling a social life in place.

M came with me to the final meetup and I explained to her that I only had a number of spaces available on the event. Someone was bound not to show. As it happened, there were so many no-shows that there was only 3 of us in total. Major letdown. The club we went to was brilliant, but M very quickly got utterly hammered. The other attendee, DF, arrived on time and got on well with me and M. Very quickly, though, she noticed that me and M were getting on well and wanted to give us privacy- I wasn’t keen on letting her go as I’d arranged it as a proper event and didn’t want to exclude anyone, but she called it a night soon after.

In walks MH from the members bar, who I’d gone out to see and had blown me out and ditched me with her crazy mate a couple of months ago. She saw I was with M but she still fired into me, clinging to me and mithering me for attention. She barely said a word to M, who- suffice to say- did not like MH at all. M ignores me on Facebook most of the time but flirts with me in person to make herself look popular. It’s quite sad really.

M got quickly hammered and was mithering me for sex. You’d think I’d really like this, but she was so drunk that I felt like I’d be raping her if I did. She was stumbling about and I was trying to get her to pull herself together, but this resulted in her storming out of the club and down the street.

I had to go after her. I caught up with her at the end of the street and she agreed to stay at mine (a taxi would have been a horrendous amount to hers out in the country somewhere). I hailed an Uber. She tried to rape me in the taxi (I kept her as under control as I could) then we got to mine and the fare was almost as much as a private hire. What the good fuck. I thought they were supposed to be cheaper! Piss take. Whatever. I had other things on my mind.

I’m normally quite nervous when it comes to first time sex, but with M I felt strangely comfortable. The sex was good, bareback and plain missionary with no oral, and doggy, but no orgasm from either of us typically. She was filth, and was asking me about porn and what I watched. She claimed she was bi.

It seems I’ve done alright here. I’ll see her again. I’d go back to the club too, although maybe not with her. Goldmine for fine ladies.

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