Ditched one girl, pulled another


Mentioned last week I met and shagged M. We arranged a restaurant date and I bought a Groupon deal for it (She won’t pay). I met her again on Wednesday, before the restaurant date.

During the night I started to get bad vibes. There was something about her I wasn’t sure about. She started telling me her parents were spies and her “daddy” died in the line of duty, and his death saved hundreds of lives. She can apparently handle guns, and if there was a gun in the bar in front of us she could pick it up and shoot someone. She got quite emotional telling me this.

Essentially, she is tapped in the fucking head. Why would she tell me this? Why would she know anything if he was a spy? For some reason I agreed to drop her off at home, which is quite a way out of town. It’s just inside the Manchester A-Z, so about £40-50 in a taxi.

“You don’t need the satnav on,” she said. “I’ll direct you.” She got us on the motorway and we started driving in her direction. She started on about me not cumming during sex and that I need to sort it out. She was brutal, but she’s right. The drive seemed further than last time and there was something unfamiliar about it all.

“Are we going the right way?” I asked.

“Yeah”, she said, but her posture had slumped.

“How do you know? Your eyes aren’t even open.”

It was at this point I started seeing signs for Hull.

Fuck this, I thought, and pulled into the soonest services I saw. I made her wake up and put her postcode into the satnav.

The destination was 130 miles away. She looked into the footwell of the passenger seat. I started mumbling about being in work in the morning, and then silence fell as I hammered the car back down the motorway. I got to her place.

“Sorry,” she said, without looking at me, and got out of the car. She texted me later asking me how much the petrol cost and shed get “her mummy” to pay me. I didn’t want her money though- I just wanted to get some distance. As DeNiro put it:

She’d left some stuff at my house so on Friday I met her in town early on and we caught up. We’re still texting but I’m fucked if anything’ll happen again. We didn’t bag up when we nailed, though, and she’s paranoid that I might have got her pregnant, which seems unlikely, considering. I’m waiting for her to tell me that she’s come on her period.

Later that night I was running a social group in town and she came into the members bar that we were in. We talked for a bit but there were other things on my mind- I was on a roll and I wanted someone else. I spotted a large-breasted blonde and found the bottle to go and talk to her.

When you’re in charge of a group, you find that the responsibility gives you confidence, and you feel an alpha-aura around you. I felt, for once, that I was someone that this girl would want to talk to and find attractive. Her name was T. She was confident, kind and warm with blonde curly hair. She showed me modelling pictures, some topless. We kissed before long and swapped numbers. She told me she had no underwear on under her figure-hugging dress. She smothered me with her boobs. She’s got me on Whatsapp, a photomessaging service that some utter tools want to have banned, and has sent me a few pics but of today she’s gone kinda quiet. She’s from outta town but apparently drops back into Manchester every now and then. I don’t like people this much very often.

Whatsapp shows that she hasn’t read my latest message, so I’m sat here waiting for her to get back to me. Hmm.

So. Lots of waiting. Awkward. I might phone T tomorrow and catch up with her. And I might use that restaurant voucher on her, given half a chance. But mostly, if I’m honest, I want to cuddle her.

3 thoughts on “Ditched one girl, pulled another

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