Having said on Twitter I had nothing to report this week,

A cure for porn addiction?

A cure for porn addiction?

I went to the ‘rents’ house last night for my tea and there was a letter waiting for me.

It was from my local NHS- I have a preliminary appointment for a gateway service for mental health. I’d been in mental health- psychological therapies, to be precise- over last summer, and it had helped me al lot. Have a rummage through last years posts and you’ll see what I mean. But the sessions were limited.

I’d been back to my GP 2 weeks ago as I’m still addicted to porn, still depressed about being single and still unable to cum during sex. I’m now more confident and I’m finding myself getting into situations that I’d not done before, like almost getting someone pregnant.

I knew I had to address it, so I booked another appointment with the GP that referred me last year (not my regular GP who repeatedly fobs me off). He mentioned that there had been a restructure, and that the service I’d used doesn’t exist any more, but he’d forward me to another that should help.

Another 7 months on a wait list, I’d assumed.

Well, possibly, although after a couple of weeks this letter turns up. (My regular GP let me keep my parents’ address on the system as it would be a LOT of hassle to go to another surgery and attempt to explain the amount of problems I’ve got, again. Although having said that, this was 5 years ago and I’ve got a hold on most of them.) I told my parents it was about “confidence building”. Well, it’s not a lie. The letter’s offering me a telephone interview in a week’s time, when I’m in work. So I’ve called them and attempted to rearrange. Waiting for a callback at the time of writing.

The upside is that, due to online social groups, I am now getting out into the city and socialising and meeting new people, meaning that any further advice I get can be about practical situations not just the private scenario of trying to avoid using porn. When I was in psych therapies last year I wasn’t getting out much and wasn’t finding anything I wanted to do for social.

So let’s see what this new service has to offer.

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