The down side to running a social group…


…is that some of the people you meet are weird.

You might remember I attended an event in February where a drunk girl with a Julian Assange-lookalike boyfriend stalked me. Well, she attended an event that I put on last night. We went to quite an upmarket club that, out of the group, only I had been to. There were four of us- Me, her (let’s call her CB), her mate, and a guy I know from other events in the city. CB was quick to tell me she was newly single.

I was the only one of these that wasn’t a geek. It was a miracle that we got in to the club at all: It’s a smart, upmarket, small place that’s tough to get into. The doorman took my pen knife off me on entry (I got it back at the end). It was weirdly quiet, though, and there were a handful of dodgily- dressed chavs to my surprise. That said, there were also a good number of stunning women including one girl in clingy black, hair tied back in a plait, big natural boobs. Great dancer. She scowled a lot though, so pathetically I made excuses for myself to not approach her. Nor did I approach anyone else.

CB apologised for her behaviour when I last met her. She explained she has a physical AND a learning disability. I guessed at the latter, but I didn’t remember her bringing her walking stick last time. Not a problem, though. I can’t criticise, given my problems.

An unexpected problem was piles. They itched like fuck all night. Noxious farts all night Friday when I was at another social group, piles last night. My arse has been, well, an arse all weekend.

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