A step forward with confidence issues

healthy minds

After going to my GP to ask for another referral to Psychological Therapies and subsequently getting a telephone interview, I rearranged it and had the interview. It was a huge help. The doctor who interviewed me was a man, which helped. I explained that I struggle to approach women, that I can’t come during sex and that it’s that inability that has probably got me repeatedly dumped- not the excuses they gave. That inability, I mentioned, must have been caused from years of hard porn use that stretched back before I even lost my virginity, which was stupidly late to begin with. I told him I’d been using online social groups to meet new friends, with some success, but I’m still too shy to ask people for what I want. This is becoming a bigger issue, I explained, as I get older and my mates all get married.

He seemed understanding. He’s going to get in touch with a psychosexual therapist in 2 weeks, who will travel to meet me in my home town, presumably at an NHS building somewhere. I will update, and obviously try to cut down on porn in the meantime (which is still hard). My new phone has allowed me to get back on to Tinder, which I will be hammering, and I have weekend plans booked in until the start of October. So it’s not like I’m staying in being a dullard. I’ll let you know if I manage to get anywhere. Which I will.

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