Never buy a phone or contract from your mate.



I bought a contract with O2 from a mate of mine a couple of months ago. I had to get rid of a contract I was half way through- an extension to my initial 2 year contract using the same handset. (Never do this either. Smartphones last 2 years, then they die.)

My mate, we’ll call him KB, invited me into his store (which wasn’t close) to sort out a new contract and phone and to get me out of the contract I was stuck on. I described that I use my phone for social media and for pics and videos more than calls or texts. He suggested a Windows phone. I had a look at the layout of the phone and it seemed fine, but you need more than a quick look to know. You’ll know as well as me, you need to use a phone regularly for a month before you can tell how good it is.

I explained to KB that I needed unlimited internet. He explained that the unlimited deals were all a lot more than the amount I wanted to pay. He checked how much data I was using. He reckoned 1GB would be enough. Now, get this. I told him I used to have 1GB a few years back and it was nowhere near enough. KB told me that, on 4G, the amount of data you have lasts longer. That 1GB on 4G would last the month.

I started to download apps to my phone. Most apps were easy to find from the Windows store, and the resolution on the Lumia 640 is superb. Before long, though, I started to notice a few problems.

There’s no Snapchat app.

The stopwatch timer may or may not sound when it reaches zero. It depends what mood it’s in, seemingly. It only works if you stay on that app- you can’t listen to net radio or the timer stops.

On the issue of radio, there’s no PC Radio app.

More to the point, the 1G I have doesn’t last anywhere NEAR as long as KB told me it would.

The Facebook app doesn’t let you see Facebook Memories.

My data allowance resets on the 28th of every month. I haven’t streamed radio without being on WiFi and I’ve ran out of data yesterday! What the FUCK! That cannot be right. I need to sort this out.

I should never have bought a contract from him. I should have gone to other places to break out of the contract with Three. AND, if they’d have asked me to stick with 1GB I should have said, “no, actually, I NEED unlimited internet.”

What wasn’t unlimited were my options. I had to take a leap with this 1GB on 4G thing, which has turned out to be a bad idea. KB has suggested I turn off location data. I seemingly cannot trade minutes (which I don’t use) for internet. There aren’t anywhere near as many WiFi hotspots as there should be. The Metrolink WiFi rarely works. I’ve got it in the office and the supermarket, but not at home. That would be a game changer. But seriously, how the fuck have I done this? I feel like my friendship with KB is over now as he’s locked me into something that isn’t right for me. And I’m only 2 months into 24! Fuck’s sake. AND, my initial bill was higher than it should be because I went over my internet. I guess my second will too, seeing as I’ve ran out.

The point is, the people you do business with shouldn’t be your friends. If the deal goes sour, as mine has, you can’t stay friends. What makes this worse is that KB also works at a bar in town that I occasionally drop into. I might not from now on. What a fuckup. Well, mustn’t let it get me down.

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