Horniest day ever


Got up early today to go to an event in a town a few miles out of Greater Manchester. Can’t tell you what it was or where, but there were a handful of celebs. There was more than a handful of cosplay going on- guys and girls dressing up as characters from TV, anime, films etc. Think Miss Captain America (I didn’t know that was a thing either, but she was hot with huge fake boobs) and Wonderwoman. Some dorky girls, some hot girls.

So much cleavage on display everywhere. A plan started to form. I needed a lap dance. I wanted to see if I could get some lesbian action going on in front of me. By the time I left it was still too early to get anything in that town. Even if it wasn’t, I still couldn’t remember where the strip clubs were and my car was in an NCP park and we all know NCP are hideously overpriced. So I didn’t want to stay there too long.

Instead, I got back home and had the three S’s and got back out to Manchester to meet some mates. Found a few quiet pubs, which is what you need when you haven’t seen people in ages. They didn’t stay out late, though, and before long I was left in Manchester on my own with money burning a hole in my pocket. I’d not seen any talent in Oast House really, and the dodgy backstreet boozer we’d moved on to had even slimmer pickings.

Possibly the only strip club I haven’t had a dance in is Baby Platinum on the edge of the Village. I’ve been in briefly once before looking for some girl I had a weird obsession with.  Well, I’ve moved on from that now. But seeing as I never got a dance there, I figured now was as good a time as any. I rolled in after midnight. £20 on the door. The first girl to approach me wasn’t my type, so I approached someone I liked. Big boobs. I asked about a 2-girl dance. She wanted £60 per girl for a 6-minute dance! That’s a no. That convo dried up fast. I asked another girl. She wanted £80 in total. Still a dear do, but needs must. I picked put another blonde with big boobs and hips.

They took me into the booth and they did a great girl-on-girl dance. I had to encourage them to suck each other’s boobs, but when they did it was beautiful. I should have asked them to kiss. Missed opportunity. Or maybe I did, I can’t remember. It was only an hour ago. But anyway, they were saying if I wanted more I had to pay for VIP at about £200 or something. That’s a no. Both good looking girls, though, and more than a handful to choose from. Ask for what you want, and you might get it.

So I’ve just smashed one out now without porn, which is perhaps an improvement on frequent situations. Keep finding stimulation from women in the flesh and porn use will go down.

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