Lost Cause

canal scene

On Friday LOH from the social groups phoned me while I was on lunch. He phones me every now and then and talks at me for sometimes as long as an hour, and he does about 90% of the talking.

He claims he’s a filmmaker, yet I’ve seen his films and they’re dire home projects he does for fun. He’s not professional. Not only that, he’s never got any money, which speaks for his talent. So how he’s affording to run the social group which, due to the admin charges on the website isn’t cheap, I don’t know. His group met up on Saturday night. I was out Friday, and he knew that, so I said I’d probably be too hungover. He was too broke to come out on the Friday, so I guess that makes us even.

So. Using online social groups do help you to meet new people, but I would advise you to take people with a pinch of salt until you’re sure they’re the right people. A quick browse back through some of these posts will show that I’ve met quite a few nutters this way. LOH ain’t that bad, he’s just not responsible. So I’m going to have to drop him and his group.

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