Went to Suburbia off Deansgate last night.


I went with an online social group. I knew a few of them from previous meetups.
There was a girl in there- not with the meetup- that was wearing a red dress with white trimmings. I didn’t have the heart to tell her she looked like Mrs Santa. I did approach her and talk to her though, but before long some guy she knew got in a fight and they all got turfed out. Well, I tried. As usual, women either pounce on me or they aren’t interested at all.

Suburbia is a top little joint with a Prohibition feel to it. Music was a little cheesy for my liking, but the women were stunning. Great décor including bare brick and a plush mirrored gents room.

I noticed that the club had no photographer, hence there are no albums on their Facebook. Maybe they’ll sort this soon- all their competitors have this!

One of the girls in our group was someone who I’d almost met a few times. She’s been in the group for months, but we’ve never made it to the same nights. We’ll call her N. She’s a good looking girl, dual heritage, black curly hair and pretty. I tried to talk to her a few times that night but she wasn’t putting much effort into talking back. I asked a few other people about her and they got the same impression as me- stuck up.

Question: Why join an online social group designed for meeting new mates if you won’t talk to anyone when you’re there? And I mean ANYONE? N didn’t even chat to the girls. Not the female organiser, no-one. The other girls were more forthcoming. I’ve accepted a few adds on Facebook from some of the girls.

Well, whatever. You can only go so far with certain people.

Anyway. Some people went on to LIV but I didn’t fancy paying to get into a second club, and I wanted to see what the night was like. So I stayed with some of the people in Suburbia. I ran out of steam, though, and I think I was one of the last 2 out.

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