I think a trip to Suede may be on the cards

You’ve probably noticed that I’m a big tit maniac. I love them. And, by surfing Facebook, I’ve managed to find a club that excels in attracting young women with huge boobs on a weekly basis. It’s Suede, on Longworth St, behind the Church of Scientology on Deansgate.

Take a look at some of the talent.

1620508_856984494338765_5616914114361667461_n 11143226_870165203020694_8664508358497591892_n 11350592_860164324020782_8380917647942645561_n 11542095_870165213020693_4550075500835732552_n 11742673_870168786353669_1368509297474971728_n 11753723_870165016354046_9009348834163731463_n 11754247_870165103020704_4205020409352195323_n 12004877_903657029671511_1236039593998793337_n 12033172_905209666182914_7900518315801088213_n 12038379_903649466338934_1520940592870532681_n 12046723_902506796453201_6000565679044039004_n 12112117_908012462569301_3703750416257817350_n 12143319_908013429235871_6043071015608817306_n

I’m planning to be there on Friday night but no-one I know would go. Hip hop DJ and massive bellend Tim Westwood will be playing. I bought the ticket feeling sure that someone would agree to come. So far I’ve been declined 5 times. Fuck it. If no-one agrees to come, I’m going on my own.

One thought on “I think a trip to Suede may be on the cards

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