Well, I went to Suede, like I said I would,

But I couldn’t get a single fucking person to come with me. No long-standing friends and no-one from online social groups. I rolled in on my own as I’d already bought a ticket. The doormen didn’t want me to come in, but I had ID and they searched me, and my name was on the list so they couldn’t deny. There were a fair few stunners in there, as I’ve noticed from their Facebook (the best of which is here) but it’s mostly white girls fishing for black cock. So even if I hadn’t been on my own, I’d still not have got very far.

Radio 1 DJ and utter cock Tim Westwood was playing, spouting shite over the mic. Why does he pretend to be black? What the hell is he supposed to sound like? Anyway, there were a fair few fit women (although not as many as on the Kinky Lips nights on Saturdays. They are well worth a look).

I went out again last night to another club, again full of stunners but this time with a big group of people. This time I didn’t have an excuse. I had a bunch of men and women behind me, a large group of people. All I needed to do was step forward. Most of the girls there were 18-24 and hot. Some girl, who would have been perfect for me physically- shorter than me and good looking- told me she liked my tie. I should have gone back for her but she said it in passing and I couldn’t distinguish her from the array of other fuckable young women in the place. I can’t tell you which club as I was photographed in the place and I was the only one with a tie in there.

I just couldn’t do it though. I couldn’t try it on in front of the group as if I fucked it up I’d look like a twat in front of everyone. In contrast, on the Friday I couldn’t approach as I was on my own. Excuses excuses. I’ve pulled when I’ve been out solo in the past, and I’ve pulled in groups. It’s not that hard. But sometimes fear paralyses me. Fuck’s sake. Well, I’m out Friday and Saturday next week. Try again, yeah?

Also: Studio 66‘s beautiful Alice Goodwin made two appearances some weeks ago.

alice goodwin alice goodwin 2

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