Went to SK’s party…

crop top

…We’re still friends, but there’s flirting. She looked good in a tight tartan skirt and crop top. She was perhaps getting on better with a few other people than me, but whatever. Her party was good.

I’ll keep in touch. Online social groups are great for this kind of thing (but they’re also terrible for getting pregnancy scares from idiot women too, but that’s old hat now).

Weekend: great. Week: shite. My female colleagues are a bunch of shit talking bitches. Next week I’m going to my union rep (who is an older gay bloke who fancies me and doesn’t particularly like women in general, so this could be fruitful). I’ve made a list of instances when people were coming out with cocky, anti-male comments (written into my notes function on my phone as they’re being made. My colleagues think I’m checking Facebook) and I’m going to hand them over to my rep. Seeing as there are redundancies in the pipeline, it should be easier than normal to get someone sacked (not that I’ve tried before, but there’s always a first time).

Fuck it, one of them has gone on maternity leave and the other needs an attitude adjustment anyway.

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