Out of town pulling at Halloween


Went to an industrial town a few miles out of Greater Manchester. Was a bit of a shithole in all honesty. Fit women were a scarcity, the bars and clubs were all really cheesy and there was a rough, aggressive air. I got invited by someone I barely knew, whom I’d met in an online social group (I’d actually met him in person beforehand.)

I felt a bit uncomfortable with the shit music and dodgy bars that looked as if they were gonna fall down. The group I was with were cool people, but I felt out of place knowing this was “their thing”. It certainly wasn’t mine.

Towards the end of the night we ended up in a gay bar as it was the only place open. Thankfully (and refreshingly) I didn’t get much bother off the gays. I did, however, manage to get talking to a girl with big boobs and dark hair. Pretty fit. Dressed as a slutty nurse, which basically swung it for me. I’d say CA’s only one of about 5 good looking girls in the whole town (most of which I pretty much insisted had their picture taken with me. It worked for me one time, so I keep trying it.) I’m finding it a little easier to approach and get talking to people. And my track record for doing this probably isn’t that bad. I just don’t do it enough.

The guy who invited me- we’ll call him FA- was discussing how all he wanted was a shag. A fairly typical perspective for a man. I’m not that type though, as you probably know. I need to know someone so I can relax with them first. Hence, I got talking to CA today but she lives miles away. It couldn’t work.

It’s weird- I find it easier to talk to women in a town I don’t know because I feel that if it goes wrong I can just walk away. In Manchester, though, I feel that if I do something wrong I’ll always be remembered for it and it’ll always be a problem. Hence I rarely approach women in the first place.

I still have months to go on an NHS waitlist for porn addiction and confidence building. I would really like to be able to talk to people about this kind of thing…

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