Holy good lord.

I went to a swanky club on Saturday. So many fine ladies. Actually got pissed for once and really enjoyed it. It was dear, but I’ve paid more for drinks in other places and it cost less than I expected. I went with my mate FA. I thought a couple of others were going to come out, but they didn’t.

Anyway: Women. FA pulled some Chinese bird. I tried talking to people, but it just wasn’t happening. Introduced myself to the events manager, but was hardly a conversation. Booze just doesn’t make me any more confident. Sometimes it makes me less so. It certainly makes it interesting, though: I’m normally sober so I can stay on point and not lose the plot: me and alcohol don’t mix. But Saturday I was fine. Yeah I probably danced like a tit, but so what. I wasn’t the only one.

The person I really wanted to talk to was the girl doing the tables, a small Indian-looking girl with HUGE tits. She’s superb. I MUST talk to her. It’s just such hard fucking work being shy. Sometimes getting pissed helps. Sometimes it doesn’t.

FA pulled some girl. I didn’t. I’m too old for hesitancy like this. I’m out next Friday. I will try again.

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