Why I’m leaving my boxing gym


I’ve been training at a boxing gym for nearly 2 years now. I can feel the time to move on is imminent. It isn’t the best of gyms. Here are a few examples of things I’m really not happy about.

1) Only one of the two showers in the men’s changing room has hot water.
2) The instructors aren’t happy about us using the showers at all, so they fuck about with the heating to make it scalding or freezing at their whim.
3) They blast the music so loud that you can’t hear what they’re telling you to do.
4) The gym isn’t big enough for everyone who attends, so when you’re skipping during the warm-up your rope catches against the ropes of the people in front or behind.
5) The instructors have become so tight that they turn the lights off when we’re doing bag work.
6) Don’t leave bottled water lying around if you can help it. The clean-up begins the moment you start the cool-down / stretch-off.
7) Thee are no focus mitts, which are pads you wear on your hands for people to punch. He has us using gloves to take the punches. No ideal. Yes, blocking jabs and crosses also requires taking punches on the palms of the hands, but there’s a little hip movement to deflect the power in that situation. When you’re using your gloves to take the punches straight on, you’re smashing your hands to pieces. My hands are normally killing after doing this.
8) Side issue, but a new weights gym has opened near me and it’s pretty decent. I really like trying to improve myself and lift more, and it’s much easier to track improvement in weightlifting than it is in boxing.
9) Some of the under-18s train with the adults, and allowing this isn’t the best of ideas. Trouble for the adults is that the teenagers are good, and they have that natural resentment for adults that many youths have. So they revel in the opportunity to beat up grown men like me. The thing they’ve had to recognise is that they’d better keep a tight guard, because if a kid is going to swing for me I’ll swing back like they’re an adult. And it will hurt.

I was going to stick with boxing until the new year, but why should I now that my new gym is open?

Has anyone had any other problems at boxing gyms anywhere? Things people should be aware of?

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